V-Clamp Flange

V-Clamp Flange

To complement the V-Clamps which we manufacture we also offer machined flanges and seals as part of a kit.

Our flanges can be machined to work with flat gaskets, O-Ring gaskets or supplied without a gasket. The gaskets are available in Graphite, NBR, Viton, Silicone, EPDM, PTFE & Chloroprene. The flanges themselves can be machined in AISI304 & AISI316 stainless steels.

As standard we produce flanges to suit 2”,2.5”,3”,3.5” & 4” tube OD’s in many of our V-Profiles.

V-Band clamps have been around for ages. Sometimes called “Marmon clamps”, they are used in a variety of commercial, industrial, and racing applications. In many cases the end of a tube/pipe is pressed to form the flange. We have designed a line weld on flanges that can be used to replace the old 3 bolt flange or slip and clamp connections. The precision CNC machined surface provides a gasket less seal. The T-bolt style latch allows the clamp to be installed quickly without removing the nut.

INVICTA INDIA V-Bands are designed for use with INVICTA INDIA Sealing Flanges. The advertised size refers to the outside diameter of the tubing that will slide through the inside diameter of the sealing flange.Our V-Band clamps and sealing flanges are not designed specifically to be compatible with other manufactures flanges, such as turbine outlets.
See the diagram and chart (right) for compatibility.


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